[Updated] New EP “Wrong World” is available on 28th Feb, via worldwide distribution. 2021年1月29日 2021年5月27日 metroongen


"Because we can't stop seeking more than what we can hold…” - Wrong World

We are really happy to announce upcoming our new EP “Wrong World” is available on 28th Feb (10th Mar in Japan) via worldwide distribution.
The title sounds much darker ever, but the sound has more dynamics than ever.
It could give you some bright torch named “sympathy” with this tough world. Follow the light of M-O!! They will never stop your music even while this planet is getting broken!!

Thank you for your support as always.
Best warm and Love, Metro-Ongen

抱えきれないさみしさに包まれて、僕は溶けて消えそう (Wrong Worldより)

2021年、メトロオンゲン最新シングル「Wrong World」が2021年3月10より国内配信決定!!(Apple Musicは2/28より全世界配信)

名前も無い「勇気」と 「希望」をかき集め、今日という日を呼吸する君への共振の歌。