New Single ‘Aurora’ Jul 21st 2023 available 2023年7月4日 2023年7月4日 metroongen

Metro Ongen presents its first single trilogy in three years.
The first of these, “Aurora,” will be distributed simultaneously worldwide on July 21, 2023.
All distribution formats are supported.

“What was there once and is not there now…” from Aurora lyrics

Reflecting on the past is challenging for us, 
as it reduces the magic of lost moments and disregards the shimmering experiences
that eluded description.

Yet, it is those overflowing moments that hold true beauty.
The finest approach is to remain silent, while the second-best is
to immortalize them through the music

…like this song.

“かつてそこにあって、今はないもの” Aurora 歌詞より